Homemade christmas gifts for boys 2013

Why not skip the expensive, battery operated, mass-produced plastic toys this year, in favor of something more unique and personal. Homemade christmas gifts for boys 2013 are a great way to encourage creativity and activate your children’s imagination. These great ideas are inexpensive and easy to make, plus they’re sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Note about Homemade christmas gifts for boys 2013

Christmas gifts for little boys must be age-appropriate. Use commonsense when compiling homemade gifts, and do not give the following presents to little boys under the appropriate age for safe usage. What is considered age-appropriate is ultimately up to the parents and/or caregivers.

1. Spot It $11.38

Spot It

Put your visual perception skills to the test with Spot It, a fun, fast-paced, and simple card game that everyone aged 7 years and up can enjoy. In a group of two to eight players, you’ll draw cards and match symbols, like light bulbs, snowmen, or puppies, but with one catch–only one matching symbol exists between any two cards. The first person to spot the matching symbol and call it out wins.

Spot It Features
- Contains four fast, challenging mini-party games in which all players play simultaneously
- Designed for all ages and packaged in a travel-size tin, Spot it develops visual perception and matching skills
- It supports quick mental processing and sharpens cognitive skills in a fun atmosphere
- The symbols are universal and easy to remember but the variety of imagery will challenge any eye
- Travel size

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2. LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer $99

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer

LeapPad2 inspires kids to create and explore with front-and-back cameras and video recorders, 4GB of memory, a faster processor and a library of 325+ game cartridges and downloadable apps.* Unlock your child’s imagination and potential with eBooks, videos, music, creativity studios, games and more!
LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Features
- The number 1 learning tablet just got better! LeapPad2 inspires kids to imagine & explore with a faster processor and 4GB for limitless learning fun!
- Capture your world in 2 ways with front & back cameras/video recorders! Trace, create and play with your finger or the stylus on the 5? touch screen.
- LeapPad2 comes with 5 apps: Pet Pad, Learning Songs, Art Studio, 1 app of your choice and Cartoon Director app, which lets you create your own movies!
- Draws from more than 2500 skills in subjects like reading, art, music, language and culture, science, geography, mathematics, health and more.
- Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Now compatible with the LeapPad2 Recharger Pack

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3. Syma Helicopter – Blue $28

Syma Helicopter

Great helicopter for indoors. This helicopter is great to fly indoors but both of my helicopters. This helicopter is super durable and is great quality! It’s crashed numerous times and hasn’t slowed down! love it, highly recommended christmas gifts for boys 2013.
Shop around. At about $28 online with taxes and stuff, this little trooper delivers the looks, detail, durability and performance of a much pricier heli.

Syma Helicopter Features

- 2 Selectable Frequencies Let’s You Fly Up To 2 Helicopters At Once
- Syma S107/S107G
- Full 3 channels: up, down, left, right, forward, and backward
Note: Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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4. LEGO Ninjago Samurai Mech $45.49

LEGO Ninjago Samurai Mech

Samurai X is on board the mighty Samurai Mech when she locates the Constrictai fang blade and closes in to claim it. Can scout Snike and warrior Bytar stop it with a catapult ambush? Or will the Samurai Mech’s massive blade, shoulder cannon shooter and bladed grabbers overcome the Constrictai snakes? Includes 3 minifigures: Samurai X, Snike and Bytar, Samurai Mech, catapult, Constrictai fang blade with orange anti-venom capsule and weapon.

LEGO Ninjago Samurai Mech Features

- Features massive blade, shoulder cannon shooter, bladed grabbers, opening cockpit, poseable joints and golden spinner crown mounted on chest
- Weapons include fang blade with orange anti-venom capsule and weapon
- Includes working snake catapult
- Fire the shoulder cannon
- Pose the Samurai Mech with poseable joints

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5. Ultra Stomp Rocket $14.64

 Ultra Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rocket Ultra with 4 Rockets… real foam-tipped rocketry, ready to fly in seconds, up to 200 feet high! Uses no batteries, propellant or other harmful chemicals… just human-powered compressed air. The Stomp Rocket Ultra and other similar kits are used by teachers around the world to illustrate physical principles like trajectory, projection, force and motion. Of course, you’ll have a blastin’ good time exploring these principles on your own, too! A great way to have fun with the entire family. Ready for launch: Easy to assemble, and easy to launch; Rated for ages 8 and up, with adult supervision required; Stomp down on the stand to launch a loaded Rocket up to 200 ft. in the air! Includes 4 foam-tipped Rockets, Launch Pad, Hose, and Stand; Entire set weighs 10 ozs., Each Rocket measures 11″ long. Warning: do NOT shoot Rockets at people, and keep spectators at a safe distance! These are fast! T-minus 10 seconds and counting!

Ultra Stomp Rocket Features

- Multiple Award Winner , Preferred Choice Award, iParenting Media Award for Best Product
- We’re the orignal creator of the Stomp Rockets
- Our quality and name speak for themselves
- Comes with 4 rockets
- Refill rockets available
- For Hot Toy, Best Vacation Childrens Products for Dr Toy

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6. LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Urak $23.75

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Urak

Repel the Uruk-hai Army at Helm’s Deep! Under attack by the evil Uruk-hai Army, the ancient fortress at Helm’s Deep is the last refuge for the people of Rohan. As the Uruk-hai draw near, they fire hooks from the armored hook shooter and try to scale the fortress walls. Can Éomer and the Rohan soldier hold back the Uruk-hai and save the day? Includes 6 minifigures: Éomer, Rohan soldier and 4 Uruk-hai.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Urak Features

- Features fortress wall with detachable catapult and hook shooter
- Accessories include helmets, shield, sword, bow, spear and weapons
- Collect the exclusive Éomer minifigure
- Combine with 9474 The Battle of Helm’s Deep and build your Uruk-hai Army for even bigger battles
- Save the people of Rohan from the Uruk-hai army as you defend the ancient fortress at Helm’s Deep with Éomer and the Rohan soldier

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7. Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake and The Never Land Pirates $57

Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates
Jake’s musical pirate ship, Bucky, sets sail straight from Never Land to your living room! Bucky is fully equipped to battle Hook and his crew to defend Jake’s treasure. The crow’s nest lets Jake spot Hook on the water, and the spring-loaded canon fires water-ball projectiles. The Tick Tock Croc hides behind a hidden trap door. Bucky is packed with 25 action phrases and songs. Ready for a new adventure? Roll Bucky on its wheels and set sail, rocking side to side! Bucky comes with Jake and Skully figures and three water-ball projectiles.

Product Features

- Sail the seas with Bucky
- Fully equipped to handle the evil Captain Hook and his right hand man, Smee
- 3 Push buttons which activate special features including a spring loaded cannon
- Cool sound effects and phrases
- Includes Jake and Skully figures

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8. Crayola Marker Airbrush Set $50

Homemade christmas gifts for boys 2013

Create airbrush art with the Crayola Marker Airbrush set. Twelve included markers–eight for paper and four for fabric–are pressurized by an airbrush machine to spray ink, giving kids a fun new way to use markers. The set can also be expanded with Windows markers (sold separately) that allow kids to decorate glass. Also, the four included stencil sheets are great for creating precise designs and inspiring young artists.

Crayola Marker Airbrush Set Features

- Produce cool airbrush effects on paper, clothes and windows
- Turn markers into spray art
- Kid Powered No Batteries needed
- Includes washable markers, fabric markers, stencils and paper
- Works also with standard broadline Crayola markers

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9. Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register $35.99

 Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Cash in on basic math and money management skills with this talking, interactive cash register. Little learners can practice coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value through four featured games. Games increase in difficulty as players advance their math skill levels. Perfect for pretend play exercises and learning basic calculator skills. Features: Transactions are rewarded with lights, sounds and voice messages. Coin reader identifies real and included plastic play coins. Checkout scanner comes with realistic sounds. Real working scale. Large LCD screen shows real transactions with big, easy-to-read numbers. Ability to check coin total. Automatic shut-off saves batteries and reminds kids to “Come and play again.

Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register Features

- Rewards transactions with lights, sounds and voice messages
- Holds actual-size money and includes play coins and bills, coupon and credit card
- Features a built-in scanner, scale and coin slot
- Helps children practice coin recognition, addition, subtraction and place value with 4 engaging games
- Prolongs battery life with automatic shut-off feature

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10. Koosh Galaxy Alien Archer Ball Launcher $11.61

Koosh Galaxy Alien Archer Ball Launcher

With easy-to-use KOOSH ball launchers, kids can gear up for action and create their own adventure! Specifically designed with younger kids in mind, each ball launcher in the KOOSH Galaxy series encourages imagination and active play! The ALIEN ARCHER ball launcher comes with three foam balls and features simple pull-and-release bow-blasting action.

Koosh Galaxy Alien Archer Ball Launcher Features

- Defend the galaxy with your easy-to-use ball blaster
- Blaster has easy pull-and-release launching
- The farther back you pull; the farther your shot goes
- Store up to 3 balls in the arms of the bow; balls included
- Soft active fun

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