10 Homemade Christmas Gifts For Kids 2013 You Can Make Now

Christmas time is here! Enjoy the festivities while Santa’s helpers craft these fun kid-made gifts.

Homemade Christmas Gifts For Kids

There’s nothing quite as sweet or thoughtful as receiving a homemade gift for the holidays, especially those that are made by the little ones in your family! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite craft ideas that even the smallest of hands can make for this year’s family presents.

Now, we will guide you to make 10 Homemade Christmas Gifts For Kids 2013

1. Beautiful Bottle Prints

Beautiful Bottle Prints

With this simple technique, your little artist can put his own stamp on holiday gifts for family and friends.

To start, pour a thin layer of paint onto a plate; use a separate plate for each color. Smooth the paint with the paintbrush, then have your child press the bottom of a bottle into the paint and practice printing on a piece of scrap paper. You may need to help him press the bottle down to get a defined print…. Read more

2. Cookie Cutter Candles

Cookie Cutter Candles

These holiday candles are ideal gifts and fun for kids to make. Beeswax is a joy to work with: it’s flexible, gently scented, and easy to cut.

For each candle, use a cookie cutter to make 10 identical shapes from the wax sheets. Divide the shapes into two stacks of 5… Read more

3. Art Christmas Cards

Art Christmas Cards

Feature kids’ artwork on one-of-a-kind stationary. Package five or 10 cards with envelopes, and you’ve got a great Homemade Christmas Gifts For Kids for doting grandparents and other relatives.

The following directions are for a 4 1/4-by-6-inch card (which fits nicely into a store-bought envelope), but obviously you can adjust the dimensions to any size you like. Using the ruler and pencil, trace a 12 3/4-by-6-inch rectangle onto your card stock or paper and cut it out… Read more


4. Beautiful Beaded Rings For Kids

Beautiful Beaded Rings For Kids

Here’s a glamorous idea for an Homemade Christmas Gifts For Kids. These glamorous rings look so good, the recipients might not even guess they’re homemade. Kids can customize them with their favorite beads, and an elastic band means they’ll fit any finger (or toe!). They make great gifts for aunts, grandmoms, and friends.

Cut a piece of elastic. To make the beading easier, we started with a 10-inch length for an adult’s ring finger and a 6-inch length for a child’s pinkie… Read more

5. Pinup Containers

Pinup Containers

These handy holders make a welcome addition to an office or kitchen — a great gift that kids can make.

If you like, make a desk set with a pencil holder and a vase and add a scatter of pretty tacks so that the recipient can pin up a picture of her favorite person (aw, shucks).

Fold a strip of duct tape over the can’s top rim (if the rim is sharp, this should be an adult’s job). Wrap another strip around the can’s bottom portion… Read more


6. Family Photo Books 

Family Photo Books

Filled with favorite photos, this is just the present for a relative or special family friend, particularly one your family sees less often than you’d like.

Choose seven favorites from a stack of family photos. Use a craft knife to cut two 5- by 6 1/2-inch rectangles from the 4-ply rag board for the book covers… Read more

7. Fun Felt Pens 

Fun Felt Pens

Kids will have fun making these cute, friendly-faced pens as gifts and for themselves.

Great gifts for siblings, cousins, and friends, these friendly-faced pens are so simple to make, your child can create a zoo in an afternoon. Just be sure he keeps one for himself — it might encourage him to write those postholiday thank-you notes!…Read more

8. Snowy T-shirt



Snowy T-shirt

Even if you’re expecting a white Christmas this year, your crafter will love making it snow on these whimsical winter shirts. Just be sure all elves involved wear rubber gloves and use caution during the bleaching process.

To begin, lay the shirt flat on a plastic trash bag or old tablecloth and slip one or two grocery bags flat inside it. Cut the sponges into a star and two circles, one slightly larger than the other. Rinse the sponges with water and wring them out thoroughly… Read more

9. Mosaic Flowerpot

Mosaic Flowerpot


Preserve old treasures and create a useful gift in the process.

Cover the work area with newspaper. Before starting to decorate the pot, sort through the pottery pieces and discard any that have sharp edges… Read more

10. Memory Lane Picture Frame

Memory Lane Picture Frame

Use family trinkets and treasured hardware odds and ends to decorate a personalized picture frame and box.

Is your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box a treasure trove of elegant baubles? Ask her to donate some trinkets to your cause, then use them to decorate a picture frame for a sentimental sister or cousin. Want to get down to brass tacks instead?… Read more


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